All contracts will be given from the seller to the buyer prior to purchase via hard copy.

The buyer agrees to pay the amount of X and any transportation fees related with the delivery of the puppy. A deposit of X must be paid to hold the above stated puppy, and will be non-refundable except in the event the puppy should have any genetic/life threatening health issues while in the care of the breeder. Should the puppy have any genetic/life threatening health issues, the buyer may have the choice of another puppy of equal purchase price or may choose to have the deposit refunded. Payment is to be made in full and cleared before the puppy leaves the premises.

The puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to being transferred o their new family with the results of the vet report, after the exam has been done. At no time does the breeder cover any cost due to a health concern or issue that was disclosed before their arrival home. In the event that the breeder is unable to deliver the puppy for any reason, the breeder’s sole and exclusive liability is return of the deposit only. The buyer has 30 days after the puppy is eight weeks of age to make arrangements for pick up or delivery, failure to comply wil result in breeder regaining full possession of puppy. The terms of this deposit/guarantee are subject to all of the terms of the contract to be entered into by the breeder and buyer prior to the puppy being delivered.